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We, the VOL-Stahl Group of Companies, are a production and distribution company specialising in
hot-rolled, cold-rolled and cold-drawn steel sections.

Our development

For your individual customer wishes

We are in a position to respond immediately to individual customer wishes and different demand situations, as well as to manufacture according to exact specifications, in order to contribute to the better added value of our customers.

The unique opportunity to control the quality of our products ourselves, from the semi-finished product through our modern hot and cold rolling mills, as well as cold drawing plants, to the finished profile, is our most important competitive advantage. This enables us to produce special profiles with high precision and a precisely fitting surface from a wide range of steel grades, the special properties of which we can modify by changing the chemical composition and different heat treatments according to customer-specific requirements.



Our competitive advantages

The ability to meet specific requirements both in terms of steel properties and profile geometry with their limited tolerances.

A wide range of products: thanks to several hot and cold rolling mills, a larger number of cold drawing machines and a machining centre, we are able to produce not only profiles in various final versions weighing from 0.4 to 45 kg per metre, but also complete finished parts to customer specifications.



Our mission

Our locations

Head office

VOL-Stahl GmbH
Kleine Brüdergasse 3
01067 Dresden

Phone:  +49 351 407 521-0
Fax: +49 351 407 521-19
Email: info@vol-stahl.com

Sales & Warehouse (Profiles)

VOL-Stahl GmbH
An der Brückengrube 6
63452 Hanau

Phone:  +49 6181 490 35-0
Fax: +49 6181 490 35-19
Email: info@vol-stahl.com

Sales Office Italy

VOL-Stahl GmbH
via Bisleri, 7
20148 Milano

Phone: +49 162 499 17 64
Fax: +49 6181 490 35-19
Email: italy@vol-stahl.com

Production France

VOL-Stahl France SAS
3 Avenue André Jacques Boussac
81160 Saint-Juéry

Phone: +33 5 63 55 15 00
Fax: +33  5 63 45 20 73
Email: france@vol-stahl.com


VOL-Stahl GmbH
South Korea Sales Office
RM 4124, Hyun Bldg
99 Seocho-Daero 46-Gil,Seocho-gu
Seoul, KOREA (post code 06650)

Phone: +82 2 6095 7021
Fax: +82 2 6284 7001
Email: korea@vol-stahl.com

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