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Unlimited in form and steel

From the standard profile to the special profile - our wide range of products.

All standard and special profiles come from a wide range of steel grades. Our own steel production allows us to adapt the chemical composition of the material to specific customer requirements. For example, specifically for the needs of the automotive industry, our engineers have created a steel composition that offers a combination of excellent mechanical properties and improved machinability. This enables our customers to significantly increase tool life when machining profiles.

Elevator guide rails

We supply high-quality drawn and machined elevator guide rails with all additional ...

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Special profiles

Special profiles can be produced in various ways, depending on the product-specific ...

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Manganese steel

Manganese steel is an austenitic steel with high wear resistance under strong impact and shock loads.
As one of the leading manufacturers in Europe, we can offer you a wide range of products in the manganese ...

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Standard profiles

VOL-Stahl Group of Companies offers a wide range of standard profiles which are used in the production of hand tools, feather keys and generally in mechanical engineering. There is no limit to the materials ...

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Tool steel

We produce different tool steels, as flat steel, round steel, as well as special profiles, from the areas of hot work
and cold work steels for many application ...

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The product finder offers you a quick search for products for your specific application.

You can filter by application area, e.g. mechanical engineering, and also by specific steel types, e.g. tool steel, or a special manufacturing process. These variants can be combined in each case and enable you to find out more quickly whether we cannot already offer a suitable solution for your inquiry.

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