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Stainless Steel

With our ferritic and martensitic stainless steels you get standard and special sections suitable for individual applications depending on material selection and heat treatment condition - e.g. for mechanical processing, machining, hardening or quenching and tempering.

The possible applications of Martensite range from knives, blades and tools to pump components or medical instruments. Even though martensites belong to the group of „stainless steels“, they have a high carbon content with a low Cr content. Corrosion resistance is therefore rather low. Ferrites, on the other hand, are weldable and polishable (except for the titanium-stabilized grades), are not hardenable due to their low carbon content, but have better corrosion resistance due to a relatively high Cr content and offer good thermal conductivity. This is often required, for example, in electronic components. You can also obtain our corrosion-resistant steels in many standard profile and special profile shapes.


Flat steels

Knife for harvesters

Round steels

Square steels

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